From Digital iPhone Dogs to Robo Boyfriends

 - Aug 18, 2014
Robotic companions aren't just things that exist in science fiction novels or the Jetsons; they're here, and they're becoming increasingly popular. The advent of smart technologies and responsive robotics has led to the creation of robots that are so sophisticated in their behavior that they are capable of offering human-like companionship.

There are a wide variety of robotic companions that offer friendship, advice and even physical pleasure. There are even robots out there that mimic things beyond regular human relationships; robotic pets are the best example of this.

When I was a kid growing up the 90s, I was the proud owner of a Tamagotchi hand-held digital pet. Even though I was aware that the Tamagotchi was just a digital toy, I still developed a bond with it as if it were a living creature. This idea of robotic pets has now gone to the next level what with the creation of sophisticated robotic companions that look and behave like real pets.