The Meka Robot Will Comfort and Care for the Elderly

 - Oct 17, 2011
References: mekabot & finestdaily
Although the function of robots was originally to automate factory processes, the Meka Robot is taking strides toward building automatons capable of caring for, comforting and ensuring the safety of the young and elderly. In short, this is a social bot.

It may not change a baby's diaper or help take blood samples from a diabetic, but the Meka Robot is as capable and friendly as humanoid bots come. In lieu of a mouth, the robot expresses itself through complex gestures and has LED-powered ears that change color according to its mood and thinking patterns. With the help of dedicated research students from the University of Texas at Austin, Professor Luis Sentis ensured that the Meka Robot could perform all the tiny, barely noticeable idiosyncrasies that humans are quick to detect, including posture, eye movements and limb dexterity.

Check out the video and decide whether you'd be comfortable with this guy taking care of you during retirement!