From Bulbous Humanoid Sculptures to Freakishly Human Robots

 - Jun 15, 2013
Artists and engineers alike seem to be obsessed with producing humanoid creations to reproduce humanity through both art and technology. The resulting products are generally eerie and often beautiful, depicting uncanny human-like creatures that almost reach the realm of humanity, but fall just short.

Even video artists have joined the humanoid craze. One filmmaker created a stop-motion video depicting a humanoid figure made out of wire and paper. The figure dances to an intense hip-hop number, its moves extremely human-like, but its appearance looking like that of a fantasy creature.

On the technology side of things, robotics engineers have been working to produce perfectly human robots for decades. With all their hard work come several hyperrealistic humanoid automatons, including a robot that mimics the facial expressions of real people and another that can sing karaoke.

These products indicate that humanoid creations will continue to appear until their creators discover the essence of humanity. Once that is found, it's only a matter of time until these creations cease to be humanoid and become human.