These Bart Hess and HeyHeyHey 'STRP mutants' are Alien

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: & beautifuldecay
Artists Bart Hess and Heyheyhey have dreamed up a series of morphing mutants. The images portray modulating shapes ranging from abstract and alien to human like. If one looks closer, though, one notices that all the creatures depicted display human features. In fact, it seems there are people trapped within trying to break free from the reflective, almost iridescent skins Bart Hess and Heyheyhey have entombed them in.

The pictures are reminiscent of a sci-fi horror movie in the vein of Ridley Scott's Alien or Pitch Black. However, these works incorporate theories of form and composition. The pieces may have uncomfortable undertones, but they are far from macabre or grotesque. Indeed, they are quite well composed, the colors compliment one another, and the shapes are elegant.