From Lamp Photo Mashup Pop Portraits to Anime Disney Princess Images

 - Jul 5, 2013
When an interesting photo mashup goes viral on the Internet, doesn't it feel like a secret accomplishment when you happen to be one of the first to discover it? Internet photo mashups are the modern-day versions of Picasso's artwork -- interesting distortions of vaguely recognizable objects. After all, when mismatched pop culture images are fuse together, some creative satirical, political and social commentaries can be made.

The great thing about photo mashups are all the great cultural references crammed into image that you, the viewer, is challenged to see if you can spot them all. The Simpsons is one of the most famous television shows that uses pop culture mashups to its advantage to create comical parodies about social issues.

From dystopic celebrity mashups to sci-fi Starwars mashups, the younger generations are really on their game with drawing from all sorts of areas of pop culture and creating bizarre, yet funny, image mashups. Have a look at this photo mashup images and see if you can spot the numerous different pop culture references.