The ‘Fashion Simpsons' Series Presents Cartoons in Couture

The ‘Fashion Simpsons’ series presents characters who know exactly what to wear. These mash-up drawings by Alexsandro Palombo combine the best of the fashion world with the classic Springfield family.

Marge Simpson is now the editor-in-chief of Vogue Magazine, as she melds together with the iconic Anna Wintour who is joined by fellow Vogue editor and former model Grace Codington. Homer has suave German swag going, as he has become the legendary Karl Lagerfeld. Homer also takes on the persona of Louis Vuitton head designer, Marc Jacobs, as he is covered in kisses. Renowned jewelry designer Iris Apfel is looking eccentric as always especially now that she is a cartoon.

The Fashion Simpsons are ready to take on the red with their fashion-forward attitude.

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