- Jul 29, 2014
To the excitement of Family Guy and The Simpsons fans around the world, a first glimpse of the highly anticipated cross-over between the two seemingly separate worlds was revealed at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. To celebrate, a collection of tributes to both of these shows has been put together. Over the years, people have put together some of the craziest creations, not to mention what the studios themselves have announced.

From live-action tributes of opening sequences and, of course, characters to strange artworks and the propagation of pop culture references, Family Guy and The Simpsons fans will get a kick out of this collection. The hour-long special will most likely inspire many more tributes, especially of the two buffoon fathers coming together on the silver screen. There will be a lot of male bonding.

From Cult Cartoon Mash-Ups to Live Action Openings: