This Homer Simpson Potato Head Comes with a Sprinkled Donut

 - Jul 3, 2014
References: thinkgeek & thinkgeek
In honor of Homer Simpson's infamous cult cartoon character status, Think Geek has created a Homer Simpson Mr. Potato Head toy for children and adults alike to enjoy. This plastic spud was designed in honor of the 25th anniversary of The Simpsons television show. Very few shows can say they've had 25 consecutive running seasons!

While Homer Simpson isn't the brightest cartoon character out there, he captured the hearts of many with his average Joe clumsiness and middle class family man lifestyle. Think Geek created this fittingly titled Mr. Pota-D'oh Head toy in honor of the popular parody cartoon show reaching its 25th season. This spud toy comes with a white T-shirt, blue pants, black shoes and even a pink sprinkled donut. The iconic yellow arms and cartoon eyes perfectly mimic Homer Simpson's character from the show.