- Sep 5, 2015
These celebrity parodies of Kim Kardashian showcase the stunning socialite in an entirely new light. Though the reality TV star is a business woman by day, the internet has shown there are many layers to the iconic celebrity.

Celebrity parodies such as Try Guys' Paper magazine editorial put a hilarious spin on Kardashian's iconic backside-baring magazine cover while Olga "AsuRocks" Andriyenko's 'Water' magazine illustration replaces the socialite with a notorious Disney villain mimicking the same pose. Blogger aleXsandro Palombo turned Kim Kardashian and her husband Kanye West into delightful Simpsons characters by remixing some of the couple's most popular photographs.

These celebrity parodies also turn Kim Kardashian and her sisters into Disney princesses as well as frightening mythical creatures.

From Cartoon Celebrity Parodies to Nude Disney Villains: