The Homer Kimpson Meme Blends Pop Culture Imagery

 - Nov 14, 2014
References: twitter & nymag
The Kim Kardashian Paper Magazine cover has shocked fans and spawned countless meme parodies such as Twitter user Matthew D'Ambrosio's Homer Kimpson creation.

The reality tv star is aiming to #breaktheinternet with a set of revealing photos that definitely fit into the not safe for work category. Whether showing off a full-frontal shot, balancing a champagne glass on her famous derriere or most famously showing that derriere off to the world, the star proves that she has zero shame when it comes to her fame.

Kim's glutes have been the talk of the internet since her Paper Magazine cover release and are the inspiration behind Matthew D'Ambrosio's hilarious Homer Kimpson meme. The Hollywood-based writer superimposes Kim's butt onto Homer Simpson's face, creating a strangely lifelike and Simpson-esque mouth. The graphic will make you do a double take and question life but mostly it will make you laugh out loud.