Upworthy Springfield Turns Iconic Episodes into Feel-Good Articles

Upworthy Springfield is a Tumblr blog from Virgil Texas featuring plot lines from The Simpsons that are written as titles from Upworthy. For those who don't know, Upworthy is a website known for its motivational and inspiring stories that come with alluring and occasionally misleading titles. Upworthy Springfield tweaks the formula a bit, keeping the highly share-able titles, but cribbing the stories straight from the iconic cartoon.

Fans of the show will love going through all of the stories on Upworthy Springfield to see which titles match which episodes. Some are obvious, such as the one about the gummy bear on the pants and the title showing Lisa and Malibu Stacy. Others are a bit more difficult to place (who remembers why it's good for waffles to stick together?) Simpsons fans and fans of parody blogs alike will get a kick and a half out of Upworthy Springfield.