Les (art)ists Celebrity T-shirts

 - Jan 16, 2013
The Les (Art)ists celebrity t-shirts are bold monochromatic graphic print tees. The entire collection was inspired by American football and the player's jerseys.

The young label Les (Art)ists loves to play around with sensationalism and has incorporated celebrities in its recent collection. The line-up of flashy tees are made in France and are a 100% cotton. The playful shirts feature proper names and performer names of musicians, designers and artists. The numbers adorned on the back of each tee are not random and actually coincide with each person's birthday who is labelled on it. Fantastic ones include the 'Banksy' tee with the number 74 and the 'Tisci' shirt with the matching 74. These shirts put artists and their ages together in one visual mash-up.

The Les (Art)ists celebrity t-shirts are fun, funky and informative.