The Toy Shining Turns Toy Story's Woody into a Psycho

'Toy Shining' by Kyle Lambert combines one of the most iconic horror films of all time with the classic story of Toy Story characters Woody and Buzz. These pictures feature famous scenes from the movie 'The Shining' with 'Toy Story' characters in place of Jack Nicholson and the others.

Perhaps the most terrifying of the depictions is the face of Woody peeking through the door that was smashed in by Nicholson in the real movie. One can almost hear Woody say the famous line, "Here's Johnny!" -- upon which point Toy Story will never have the same charm that it once did. However, the twin girls from The Shining have been turned into the green aliens from Toy Story, making the images a little less scary.

Toy Shining by Kyle Lambert is a fantastic mash-up series because it combines two films of completely different genres.