This Picasso Pop Art by Mike Esparza Depicts Iconic Superheroes

 - Jun 16, 2013
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Mike Esparza's Picasso pop art series shows what famed cartoon characters might look like 'If Picasso Painted Superheroes.' Like one of Picasso's most recognized styles, Esparza twists and distorts the facial features of the heroes. In one painting, Esparza stacks the eyes of Superman one on top of the other, just like Picasso would inject multiple perspectives into his pieces.

Picasso had a diverse body of work and experimented with many styles throughout his life. To show this, Esparza includes an entirely blue-painted version of Superman, representative of Picasso's "Blue Period."

The playful series makes the characters even more cartoonish, exaggerating bulging muscles and reducing fingers to sausage-like forms. The series is like a cross between a caricature artist and funhouse mirrors, which makes for a funny bunch of portraits.