Petite Tiaras' Disney Princes Look Dapper on GQ

The Tumblr of Petite Tiaras has brought many Disney-themed goodies, but the Disney princes on the cover of men’s magazines are by far the most hunk-worthy.

The covers of GQ, Men’s Journal, Men’s Vogue and Esquire Magazine have been hit with a Disney makeover featuring the studliest cartoons around. Prince Charming looks quite dashing in his ballroom apparel as he poses on the front of GQ with a glass slipper in his hand. Aladdin looks so handsome on the front of Men’s Journal that no woman would be able to say no to a magic carpet ride. This month’s Men’s Vogue features an article titled '10 Things You Never Knew About Prince Ferdinand' that is sure to make any teenage girl scream in excitement.

Petite Tiaras’ artwork is a cartoon/real world mash-up that makes one wish that the dapper Disney princes were not imaginary.