Helpful Humanoids by 2010

 - Dec 6, 2007
References: uk.reuters
Starting next decade, Toyota plans to begin using advanced robots and humanoids as assistants. This goes hand-in-hand with the Japanese automotive company's "Global Vision 2020" which outlines the aspiration to make robotics a core field of Toyota.

Closer to 2010, Toyota hopes to have robots helping out not only in factories, but acting also as personal aids in homes and hospitals.

The "mobility robots" have an astounding 17 joins in hands and arms and are designed to assist with domestic chores like house cleaning, as well as nursing and medical care. The "violin-playing robot" are 5 ft tall, two-legged robots which can play the stringed instruments, complete with vibrato.

In order to achieve their goal, Toyota said they would be by doubling the amount of engineers in the next three years.