Gakutensoku Revived

 - Apr 25, 2008
References: pinktentacle
The Japanese always had a thing for robots. An 80 year old japanese robot has been brought back to life to star as the main attraction at the newly renovated Osaka Science Museum beginning July 18.

Gakutensoku is a humanoid automaton which was built in 1928 by the biologist Makoto Nishimura. It was first exhibited in Kyoto as part of the formal celebration of the Showa Emperor's ascension to the throne.

The robot can tilt its head, move its eyes, smile, and puff up its cheeks and chest as instructed, but it can now also show off its calligraphy skills just as it did 80 years ago thanks to a new computer-controlled pneumatic servo system that replaces its original system of inflatable rubber tubes.