Gabriel Dishaw’s C3PO Recycled Artwork Puts R2-D2 to Shame

Recycling anything is a worthwhile endeavor, but when a person creates a work of recycled artwork that’s inspired by an epic movie series, that just takes the work to a whole different level of greatness. Artist Gabriel Dishaw created the C3PO ‘Woody’ using recycled materials such as old computer parts, calculators, printers and other miscellaneous sprockets to create the head of the iconic golden robot.

The Indianapolis-based artist’s upcycled art work was formed from his passion for the Star Wars series and the humanoid robot. The upcycled robot head will easily appeal to any Star Wars fans, unless they’re the R2-D2 kind of person. The re-imagined C3PO art work just reinforces that C3PO is the robot in the film that best encapsulates the series and not the beeping roll-on droid.