The David Canavese Millennium Falcon Miniature Works are Detailed

 - Mar 19, 2013
References: otherlifeart & geekologie
People have been finding weird ways to tribute Star Wars for more than 25 years, but the David Canavese Millennium Falcon miniature creations is on a whole other level of epic small proportions.

Constructed entirely out of paper and glue, the Canevese tribute to galactic smuggler Hans Solo's famously barely functional space ship is just one of a few other Star Wars spacecrafts this artist chose to pay homage to.

Measuring up to about half an inch, and sitting comfortably on his fingertip, these creations may be miniatures, but the time and painstaking effort Canavese put into these crafts is no small measure.

The Millennium Falcon miniature took Canavese about eight hours to construct and some of his other Star Wars-inspired creations, like the mini-Blockade Runner, took him more than a week to complete.