From Darth Vader Timepieces to Sci-Fi Geeky Watches

 - Sep 10, 2015
Star Wars timepieces are among the most popular geeky watches on the market. These intergalactic accessories allow wearers to carry the force with them wherever they go.

The 'Star Wars x Nixon' watch collection features a line of sleek timepieces influenced by the villains and heroes of the iconic science fiction franchise. For those that prefer a strictly villainous timepiece, the 'LEGO Star Wars' watch displays the look of an armed Stromtrooper while the Darth Vader Sith Lord watch commemorates one of the most feared villains of all time. These geeky watches also appeal to Boba Fett fans who will appreciate a character-themed 'Bounty Hunter' timepiece.

Lastly, these sc-fi watches also include luxury timepieces that pay homage to the brilliant C3-PO -- the Star Wars x Seiko watch marries playful sci-fi imagery with sophisticated design details.