- Jun 13, 2014
The legendary Bill Murray is an actor of many accolades. His most recent adventure involved surprising a couple in Charleston, South Carolina in the middle of their engagement photo shoot. The award-winning comedian has garnered a reputation for such stunts, adding to his status as legend.

In addition to being a photo shoot crasher, the actor has taken on a number of memorable characters in film which people continue to pay tribute to. His presence in every Wes Anderson movie means many of these legendary Bill Murray products are related to his film career. This includes items inspired by his work in Ghostbusters, The Royal Tenenbaums, The Fantastic Mr. Fox (for which he did voice work) and even a small role in the recent Grand Budapest Hotel. In addition to pop culture innovations, other products related more loosely to the cinematic work he's done, such as zombie blood shower gel and yellow submarine watches.

From Celebrity Crashed Engagement Photos to Hipster Actor Art: