Steampunk Ghost Busters Illustrations Combine Past and Future

Re-imagining a cult classic movie, Australian illustrator DrFaustusAU has made these Steampunk Ghost Busters illustrations. The first of the illustrations is actually based upon the original movie poster.

Taking the Ghost Busters and turning them steampunk gives some interesting results. Steampunk styling is both futuristic and antiquated, and at this point so is the original Ghost Busters styling. The Steampunk Ghost-Busters illustrations are therefore a revamp of the classic series, which makes a lot of sense. I could see this as a kids' TV show nowadays.

There are so many memorable scenes from Ghost Busters that I wish that there were more illustrations done by DrFaustusAU. Hollywood seems to just be redoing everything instead of coming up with new ideas lately, so why not reboot the Ghost Busters series for a new generation.