This Infographic Shows Which Wes Anderson Character You Are

 - Dec 22, 2012
References: flavorwire & neatorama
If you like many other fans of Wes Andersons films have ever identified with one of the characters in his movies, the 'Which Wes Anderson Character are you?' infographic will help you out to solidify your belief.

The infographic created by Flavorwire's Jennifer Lewis offers a very easy to follow way that will help you figure out which character you best identify with. Are you like the sensitive Richie Tenenbaum but have a cigarette addiction like Margot? Do you identify with washed up oceanographer Steve Zissou or the Badger from Fantastic Mr. Fox? What is so captivating and incredible about Anderson's films is that he deviates away from the norm of creating perfect characters and instead creates flawed ones, which is what makes them all so relatable.

Whichever Wes Anderson Character you are, you're sure to find someone who mimics your own flaws and quirks.