- Nov 11, 2014
These Wes Anderson movie tributes showcase just a small sliver of how obsessed some people are with the writer, director and producer. Known for distinctive directorial style, charmingly quirky storytelling and intricate detail, Wes Anderson has not just garnered a hipster following, but cult status as well. With films such as The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom and The Grand Budapest Hotel, one really couldn't expect a different outcome. Also, all the Bill Murray certainly helped.

These Wes Anderson movie homages relate to a variety of his films. The Fantastic Mr. Fox, for example, is celebrated in fantastic fox dialogue posters, distinct director style videos and athletic masked fox prints. He's made an impression on the fashion world as well, with embroidered film brooches, athletic prepster pictorials and adult comedy-inspired photography.

From Intimate Art Film Collections to Athletic Masked Fox Prints: