Macon & Lesquoy's Embroidered Jewelry Brooches Reference Wes Anderson

 - Nov 6, 2014
References: maconetlesquoy & coolhunting
As a tribute to Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel, Macon & Lesquoy was inspired to create a series of embroidered jewelry brooches that play off of elements from the film. Some of the embroidered icons include things like keys, as well as crowns that reference Europe before the World Wars happened.

Without having to know how to do a stitch of needlework yourself, designer Marie Macon describes that "People like us—who love to tell stories with a touch of humor—could design their ‘personal tapestry’ directly on their own clothes." Rather than donning a metal brooch, which seems quite formal, this is a fun and quirky way to dress up anything from hats to pants with a detail that can be worn proudly like a badge.