- Nov 24, 2014
These mood-sensitive design examples range from wearable fashions and accessories to home decor items that respond to one's emotions. When one thinks of emotion-sensitive design, color-changing products often come to mind.

In the case of San Francisco design company SENSOREE, their GER Mood Sweater allows one to wear their heart, or rather their emotions on their sleeve. The color-changing garment is reflective of one's emotional state when worn and will interpret one's feelings when deciding on a color of choice. The hues include a calm blue as well as a nervous red.

In addition to SENSOREE's design, another great example from this list includes Maayan Zilberman's Radar Mood Rings. The adornments are an updated take on the nostalgic 90s accessory and transform the vending machine find into a luxe statement piece.

From Emotion-Revealing Hoodies to Color-Changing Nail Polishes: