Inventables Creates Color-Changing Tiling

 - Dec 14, 2010
References: dornob & inventables
Tired of the same tiles in your bathroom? Luckily, Inventables has created temperature adapting tiles to help you change a stagnant environment into one that is constantly changing.

The temperature adapting tiles are able to detect sources of varied temperatures, from the touch of the human hand to the water running in the shower. They're also eco-friendly as well, as the tiles are composed from 20-80% recycled glass. These tiles are also great for other areas of your home such as a unique floor design to your entryway or as a temperature monitoring wall.

The tiles can be purchased in three available colours, starting with tiles that appear black at room temperature change colour when warm water, radiant heat, etc. is applied. The temperature adapting tiles from Inventables can also be made in a base colour that changes to colourless when exposed to heat.

Lastly, the tiles can be transformed into designs or images. The Mickey Mouse Penthouse at the Disneyland Hotel has just recently been renovated with these tiles in the bathroom. Every time you shower, Mickey Mouse's silhouette appears.