- Oct 17, 2013
While decorating your washroom with decor may seem like a bizarre thought to some people, these luxurious bathroom accessories are showcasing that any hygienic space can be easily bedazzled with jewels or high-end designs.

Even though washrooms are meant for basic cleansing activities and hygienic behavior, that doesn't mean that you can't also incorporate your lavish taste for high-end products and designer labels. What better way to make such an ordinary space feel extravagant and over-the-top than by infusing diamonds and crystals into your bathroom decor? Sure to make any bathroom experience something that your guests will remember, these luxurious accessories are taking lavish home decor to the next level.

From crystal-covered toilet paper to gilded bathroom sinks, these luxurious accessories will surely make enjoying a soak in the tub an extravagant experience.

From Billionaire Bathroom Tissues to $80,000 Gold Basins: