22 Carat Gold Toilet Paper Roll is the Most Expensive Disposable Item

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: toiletpaper.au & likecool
If you have money to burn, why not wipe your bum with it instead? This unbelievable 22 carat gold toilet paper roll provides you with a means to quickly waste a great deal of wealth -- but then, that's a measure of status.

The Toilet Paper Man of Australia will sell you the world's most expensive bathroom tissue for the equivalent of about 1.3 million US dollars for a single roll. It's been genuinely made with a high weight gauge of the incredibly precious metal, contributing to your decorative washroom gilding in a major -- albeit disposable -- way.

How much money do you have to flush down the toilet -- literally? The sensational and indulgent 22 carat gold toilet paper roll would have to be a one-off purchase for most filthy rich buyers. Can you imagine acquiring a whole 12-pack?