The Gore Design 'Erosian Sink' is Nature-Inspired

The Gore Design 'Erosian Sink' is nature-inspired and superbly sophisticated. This handmade fixture is one-of-a-kind in all aspects including the pattern of erosion, position and size of the drain and the color of the concrete slab. The sink's designs mimic erosion and drainage that would naturally occur in the environment due to water, wind and other natural agents.

Before the sinks are created customers are encouraged to consult one-on-one with Gore Design Co. to design the look of their sink. Customers have complete creative control over their topographically themed designer appliances; this includes the sink's appearance, dynamics and functionality. These sinks beautifully integrate the natural process of drainage and erosion systems into pristine and sophisticated bathroom designs.

These unique and nature-embracing erosion sinks have been featured in multiple books and magazines, and continue to explore nature-infused designs.