Crystal Isis Commode Bedazzles

 - Nov 30, 2007   Updated: Mar 25 2011
Sure you need a $75,000 Swarovski Crystal commode, just ask for the "Isis" at your local Home Depot. The designer, Jemal Wright of Hollywood, Florida decided that putting crystals on his luxury commodes was perfectly natural. Matching sink? Check. Matching bathtub? Double tub coming by the spring of 2008.

Implications - Ostentatious displays of wealth will never go out of style, and the Swarovski "blinged" movement hit critical mass in 2007, when nearly everything imaginable was covered in crystals. While these lustrous enhancements don't exactly improve the function of the fixture, they do add an unmistakeable air of wealth, exclusivity and luxury, which makes them priceless to the well-heeled homeowner.