Crystal Luxury Fixtures

 - Oct 14, 2007
References: dazzling-daydream
Swarovski Crystal is the focal point for two dazzling model bathrooms. Kludi, a German designer of luxury fixtures, and Swarovski conspired to create dream bathrooms enhanced by crystalline beauty. The Swarovski bathroom uses the crystal to work with large space and small details. The crystal and the water complement each other to make poetry.

Kludi makes state-of-the-art bathroom and kitchen fittings around the world. The company was founded in Germany in 1926.

Implications - XX

With a company like this being founded countless decades ago, you can bet they have developed a reputation for their quality work and fashion-forward products. Those who purchase Swarovski Crystal products can rest assured that they are making really smart purchases that are sure to come across as both classic and timeless.