LadyBag Helps the Forgetful

 - Mar 24, 2008
References: & gizmodo
The LadyBag makes sure you ladies will never forget your keys, mobiles or any important gadget before you leave the house. Developed by a team of six women at Canada's Simon Fraser University, the LadyBag uses RFID technology to detect items in the bag.

If something is missing, the LadyBag will show the item's icon on the outside LED display. A smiley emoticon lights up when you're ready to go. To let the bag know what it should look for, each item to be tracked needs an RFID tag insert or attach to it. It's kind of a reverse application of the shopping RFID technology which beeps when you go outside the shop without paying for your item, this one wants the item to stay inside!

Also, the LED display on the outside of the bag reflects the owner's emotional state using emoticons. The bag determines your emotional state through your interactions which are registered via physical sensors