- Apr 4, 2014
These gifts for emoji addicts will surely entice any online addict that just can't seem to get enough of these expressively symbolic caricatures.

With the development of online media, methods of expression has transitioned from traditionally text-based communication to conversations that utilize symbolic imagery, allowing smiley faces and expressive icons to uniquely represent how individuals are feeling. The popularity of emoticon usage has flowed into the retail industry with brands utilizing these references as a means to connect with youthful online users. The integration of emoticons into clothing designs and household goods reflects a shift in consumer needs toward more technologically relatable concepts.

From quirky kitchenware that features distinct emoji characters to expressive smartphone covers, these gifts for emoji addicts are creatively showcasing the continuing dominance of online usage amongst youths.

From Interactive Emoji Cups to Adorable Objecting Eyewear: