- Aug 8, 2008
References: stysen
The i-Knock is a personal Instant Messaging notifier that bangs his head when you get an email, instant message or one of your contacts logs on. I am not sure I would like to have this quirky little head-banging guy on my desk, he is kinda creepy (watch the video).

In addition to bangining his head, the i-Knock features customizable MP3 sound alerts, so you can remotely know which contact sent you an IM or logged in. It also features special alerts for over 20 emoticons. I imagine it would be cracking to have this lil guy LOL and ROTFL at your.

i-Knock works with Skype, MSN, Yahoo & many other Instant Messengers. However, it is only compatiable with Windows, so all you mac and Linux users are gonna have to miss out on this fun.