The Drivemocion Ex Series 2010 LED Car Sign Lets You Express Yourself With Tech

 - Sep 23, 2009
References: au-my
For anyone who’s every wished there was a more efficient way to let other drivers know when you’re miffed at them, your wish has been granted with the Drivemocion EX SERIES 2010 LED car sign! Instead of screaming obscenities out the window or flipping someone off, this gadget lets you get your point across faster and in "a very much more considerate manner," according to the company. It suctions to your rear window so you can let drivers behind you know how you feel about them.

You can indirectly vent as the Drivemocion EX SERIES 2010 LED car sign flashes the appropriate text or LED emoticons, so you can let technology stick out its tongue, make a rage face or—if you’re feeling flirty—wink at a cutie.

The Drivemocion EX SERIES 2010 LED car sign also has real functionality too. It offers 16 messages including "help" for roadside emergencies and "sorry" for those times you ‘accidentally’ cut someone off. "Thanks" comes in handy too, and a heart-eyed smile could be a fun and sexy way to flirt with the driver of that Mercedes cruising behind you!