- Feb 19, 2015
Some people enjoy having entire text messaging conversations with emoticons, making these alternative emoji collections wonderfully practical. The standard emoji keyboard provides almost enough imagery to express feelings and describe activities to friends and family in basic day-to-day conversations; however, many users are constantly at a loss for how to express quite specific sentiments and scenarios.

As a result, designers and app creators have come up with some pretty imaginative emoji collections that span all sorts of subjects. You can find icons for wacky facial expressions, furniture, fashionable accessories, same-sex relationships and different races. You don't have to look far for apps that offer Ninja Turtles and Game of Thrones emoticons, or even customized selfie symbols. Several companies have capitalized on playful emojis to promote their products, and new seasonal sets are cropping every month. Given the ambiguity of tone in SMS, emojis will continue to communicate helpful cues between people who use mobile technology to talk.

From LGBT-Friendly Emoticons to Custom Couture Emojis: