- Apr 23, 2014
One of the fastest-growing technological trends in recent years has to be the use of RFID innovations, which are becoming increasingly commonplace in a wide variety of applications.

RFID (radio-frequency identification) uses wireless radio-frequency electromagnetic fields to identify and interpret electronically stored information contained within tags. These tags can be attached to objects.

The applications of RFID are vast and growing, as the technology can be used in any application involving storage and interpretation of electronic data. Grocery stores, public transportation, accessibility, travel and automotive services are just a handful of sectors that have already embraced RFID technology.

Some of RFID's most high-tech uses involve robotics and transportation, where the use of RFID tags can guide mechanical devices through their physical environment. RFID tags are also used in vending machines and other dispensing devices to enable customized dispensing of products.

RFID innovations have also proven to be a potential force for social good, as they are being used in applications that improve accessibility, dissuade crime and promote education, to name just a few.

From Tag-Scanning Clothes Washers to RFID Tag Jewelry: