This RFID Jewelry Ring Replaces Traditional Subway Fare Cards

 - Aug 29, 2013
References: theatlanticcities & gizmodo
This RFID jewelry ring was created by ‘Ring Theory,’ a group of MIT students who were frustrated with having to dig through their bags to find their subway pass cards, which can also be easily lost.

The ‘Sesame Ring’ is 3D-printed and inspired by the MIT class ring. It features a surface imprinted with an RFID tag that can be swiped the same way regular subway fare cards are, against a sensor to allow passage into the subway.

The ring can be manually refilled or programmed to auto-top up when fares are low. The Sesame Ring has been embraced by the MBTA system in Boston and the Ring Theory team hopes to share this technology with the world through its Kickstarter campaign.