The Smart Dish System Singles Out Who Does the Dishes More

 - Aug 11, 2011
References: dtalkers.blogspot & tuvie
Arguments over who does the dishes more may become a thing of the past if the Smart Dish System ever goes from concept to reality. Jeongmi Lee designed this quirky dish set which tracks who does the dishes more using RFID tags and Bluetooth technology.

The chips track who is doing the dishes and logs the data into a specially designed dining room table that features a built-in electromagnet. The table then moves the dishes (and the food inside of them) closer to whoever does them more. While the system seems a little too complicated to create, I do like the idea behind it. The concept encourages couples to share household duties in a non-confrontational and fun way. You can see a video of Jeongmi Lee's Smart Dish System in action here.