- Oct 24, 2013
These scientific kitchenware items are perfect for any food enthusiast looking to infuse some science and chemistry into the cooking process.

While experimenting with chemicals in the lab and writing down equations is often associated with mandatory schooling, these scientific kitchenware items are offering homeowners the chance to incorporate those classic scientific techniques into their kitchen. Allowing cooks to have a little fun with their measuring and preparation, these unique kitchenware items will surely have science enthusiasts satisfied by all the laboratory references. From coffee makers that are humorously shaped like microscopes to seasoning dispensers that look like chemistry sets, these scientific kitchenware items are sure to turn any cooking process into a nerdy science experiment.

Perfect for those who couldn't get enough physics or chemistry in school, these scientific kitchenware items are sure to make you feel like you're back in the classroom again.

From Mad Science Coffee Makers to Chemistry Class Condiments: