Bagetty Microwave

 - Apr 3, 2008   Updated: Mar 31 2011
References: dvice
If you are a fan of quick, hot, tubular food, Martin Zampach is your guy. He made the concept Bagetty microwave that is not a box. If you only microwave hot dogs, weinies, sausage, this is much more convenient and space conscience than the bigger traditional microwave. This could spawn a whole new product line of foods in tubes!

Implications - The Bagetty Microwave is the solution to those who are too busy to cook due to hectic work schedules. The ability to make food with minimal effort in a non-complicated contraption provides convenience and speed that are desired in society today. There may not be food available in pill form yet, but with inventions like the Bagetty Microwave, businesses will be inspired to create miniature devices that speeds up the cooking process.