From Weenie Trailer Parodies to Costly Weiner Creations

 - Jun 5, 2012
The hotdog is timeless -- it is a morsel that can be eaten both stationary and on-the-go, can be dressed up or eaten with the most basic of condiments and, best of all, takes all of three minutes to make -- the versatility of such a food has inspired many different sizzling hotdog creations.

The hotdog is the perfect base for many a recipe. They come French-style, with the Foie Gras dog, or can have a German take on it (eaten Firkandel style). Pushed further, this finger food has been incorporated into different foods (check out the alien-looking spaghetti wieners) into fashion (the hot dog clutch is definitely a statement piece) and has also yielded its own vending machine! Obviously, it has undergone much experimentation.

Affectionately known as "street meat," the hotdog is grounds for so much more than a quick fix.