Hot Ducks

 - May 13, 2008
References: dartagnan & urbandaddy
It seems with every new day comes a new addition to the Luxury junk food category. Yesterday we marveled at the caviar burgers at Serdendipity3, and now another New York company is serving up duck hot dogs.

"Allow us to suggest D'Artagnan's Duck Hot Dogs: three ounces of uncured, skinless, farm-raised duck, squeezed into a form you know and love," Urban Daddy NYC says.

What a way to get your kids to try their first taste of foie gras!

If duck dogs aren't your style, they also have free-range Canadian buffalo... and for those who really don't want to stray from the known, D'artagnan also offers more traditional beef and pork.

All the animals are raised on vegetarian diets and none are pumped with hormones or antibiotics, there is no skin, they're uncured, there are no nitrates or nitrites and no preservativces so they're actually (I can't believe I'm about to say it) healthy hot dogs.

A 12 oz four pack costs of D'Artagnan Uncured Duck Hot Dogs is only $7.99, so that's just about $2 for a fancy foie gras Frankfurter!

Check out the luxury burgers: