From Grotesque Cannibal Promotions to Hot Dog Beverages

 - May 11, 2012
The coming summer months will bring about a surge in savory barbecued treats, and these creative bratwursts may just be flipped on to the grill. Culinary groups and teams of marketing experts have updated the classic sausage, making use of unusual and even ridiculous ingredients.

Grotesque cannibal promotions and hot dog beverages have overwhelmed the palettes of meat enthusiasts. While vegetarian alternatives are available, the majority of these oddly shaped delicacies have included an assortment of animal byproducts. The flesh of kangaroos, quails and ducks have all been incorporated into some of the most trailblazing frankfurters, bringing novel tastes and textures to the table. And while some may lament the use of wild elements, many outdoor summertime cookouts will draw inspiration from these edible concoctions, spurring delicious meal time modifications.