The Sawney Bean Attraction in Edinburgh is Frighteningly Realistic

Shedding some light on notoriously taboo eating habits, the Sawney Bean Attraction in Edinburgh Dungeons invites you to revisit a legendary cannibal that reigned havoc on Scottish soil nearly 600 years ago. The legend in question is 15th-century cannibal Alexander Sawney Bean, a human-hungry terror that plagued Scotland for nearly 25 years. 

This new attraction gruesomely invites you to indulge in some synthetic replicas that are made to taste like the real deal. Human hot dogs are available to taste for those daring enough to take a bite out of humanity, with a side of ground bones if it suits your fancy. Rest assured that no humans were harmed in the making of these delicacies; chefs used ingredients such as rhubarb and chopped figs to add a little texture to these daring delights.