- Jun 27, 2013
Horror movies have always been a popular go-to option for individuals looking to be frightened or scared, and these creepy marketing techniques are utilizing some of those shocking and disturbing elements as a way to draw in and attract consumers.

With the amount of print ads and commercials continually bombarding viewers every single day, it takes something truly unique and eye-catching to make people remember a certain product or theme. What better way to catch someone's attention than by showcasing a horrifying image or frighteningly scary horror character? From horrifying cereal commercials to frightening food safety ads, these creepy marketing techniques are utilizing scare tactics as way to make an impression on viewers.

Whether you enjoy horror movies or not, there's no doubt that these creepy marketing techniques will surely leave a bold and shocking impression on anyone who sees it.

From Event-Promoting Horror Videos to Blood-Sucking Smoking Ads: