Carre Fresh: Wipe Whatever You've Touched

 - May 9, 2008
References: adsoftheworld
My favorite TrendHunter, Lourdes recently shared a truly disgusting and troubling (for anyone with insect phobia) campaign with us that illustrated the importance of hand sanitizers through the use of insects. These new print ads for Carre Fresh follow a similarly disgusting, but less creepy formula.

The ads show happy people enjoying their food from hands that are depicted as the filthy objects they've recently touched. Examples include eating candy from a dustpan, holding a burger with dirty shoes, and feeding a child with a toilet brush. Yumm yumm... The campaign's slogan? "Wipe whatever you've touched."

The campaign was created by Creativejuice\G1 Advertising Agency, Bangkok, Thailand.

Check out the original Hygienic Shockvertising campaign: