- May 14, 2011
Now here’s a top list that will get you salivating, laughing and thinking. If you’re into brain teasers or are thrilled by the idea of evil candy gingerbread men, bunny tornadoes or hiring prostitutes from candy dispensers, you’ll love this collection. If not, perhaps you’re into shockvertising, the misfortune of others or even Barbie.

Whatever you like, these clever candy ads have it all. With nothing but marketing awesomeness, Ogilvy & Mather, Starburst, Aquafresh, Carre Fresh, Duracell, Britney Spears and other renowned names can be found in this list embracing creative ideas to sell sweet goodies.

Above all, these ad techniques feature complete creativity from marketers; they certainly know how to get your attention. I'm sure there will be something in this list that appeals to your own sweet tooth.

Confectionery Ideas from Evil Candy Ads to Bunny Tornado Commercials: