Raising Awareness, From Bleeding Billboards to Shocking Skinned Polar Bears

 - May 2, 2010   Updated: Apr 20 2011
These terrifying PSAs prove that fear, like shock, is an excellent way to grab attention. The ad campaigns, viral videos, billboards, and interactive installations above are gory, heart-wrenching, and downright frightful, with imagery that won't be immediately forgotten.

From domestic abuse to child trafficking, the environment, and drug use, the terrifying PSAs below are sure to scare you straight.

Implications - Shock factor is a tactic used by marketers to deliver a message that has upsetting topics. Through unique campaigns that evoke emotions within the viewers, advertisers capitalize on those feelings. Additionally, the more shocking the advertisement is, the more likely it will resonate in the audiences' minds, making the idea of terrifying the audience a useful tactic.